Late French Immersion Program starting in Grade 7   

Sir Ernest MacMillan is the only school in Halton offering the Late French Immersion Program starting in Grade 7. In December, a team of French Ambassadors from S.E.M. will visit all grade 6 classes in Burlington to talk to the students about the program. Additionally, there will be an evening presentation for parents and students interested in learning more about this option. 

In late spring we will host an orientation at Sir Ernest MacMillan for the students who have registered to start the program in grade 7. Students who register will receive an invitation either at their home address or at their school. 

Following are some important points about the program:

• it is a 50/50 program (15 of a total of 30 periods per week are Immersion periods)

• the program is designed for children of non-French speaking families

• French Immersion subjects:

French Language Arts, histoire, géographie, mathématiques; the curriculum is the same as the English classes, just taught in French

• subjects taught in English:

English Language Arts, science, music, physical education, art, information technology, TAG

• after grade 7 students may continue in grade 8 and then the program continues at Lester B. Pearson High School

• school hours 8:50 a.m. - 3:10 p.m.

• how can parents help:

                - provide moral support

                - assist with organization of binders, notebooks, etc.

                - encourage their child to seek assistance if they don’t understand

                - encourage their child to read French books

                - encourage their child to watch French television

• a successful French Immersion student:

                - is enthusiastic about French and the French Immersion program

                - is determined and not easily frustrated

                - has a good work ethic

                - is organized and responsible

                - is willing to communicate en français

                - should expect homework and review nightly

                - has a good acquisition of his/her first language

                - is not having great difficulties in math and social studies

• transportation is the parents' responsibility, no buses are available for the Late Immersion Program.  A carpooling sign-up sheet is available during the evening presentation

• students who register will visit the school in the spring to spend half a day at Sir Ernest MacMillan.